• What we do We manufacture Milkpowder-Products, Infant Formula and Follow On Formula based on milk in powder form in a close cooperation with our suppliers. We are specialised in the development and production of private labels manufactured in Germany. From the product development to the ready for sale product. Our products comply with the requirements of the respective applicable German and EU-legislation, regulations and directives. Our products are manufactured, verified and distributed on the basis of the Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP) as well as the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). Pertaining to Food Safety the manufacturing of our products has implemented a quality management system which, amongst others, adheres to the requirements of the International Food Standard (IFS). Within the framework of due diligence, both the processes as well as the final products are subject to a regular monitoring by the quality control. The HACCP-concept is based on the regulations of the Codex Alimentarius. Our products disposes a traceability system, which can identifiy the production-lots on the basis of requirements of the EU directive 178/2002.

  • What we do We supply smaller health store chains and market leading large scale enterprises worldwide.
    For our partners we provide better solutions for a trustworthy business.